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Crown Rooms owner

Ionut Mocanu is a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of determination and perseverance. Having arrived in England over 15 years ago as a teenager with limited knowledge of the English language and no work experience, Ionut's journey is an inspiring testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for his craft.


His initial foray into the world of work began in the construction industry, where Ionut quickly discovered his love for painting and decorating. In a mere eight months, he embarked on an entrepreneurial path, establishing his own business as a painter and decorator. However, Ionut's relentless pursuit of new challenges led him to explore various trades, ultimately finding his true calling in carpentry and bespoke furniture building.


Over the years, Ionut has honed his skills and acquired a wealth of knowledge, becoming a master in his field. His craftsmanship is evident in the impeccable garden rooms he creates with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the beauty of his hard work and dedication.


As a father of two boys, Ionut's motivation to succeed has reached new heights. His desire to provide for his family and create a better future for them serves as a driving force behind his unwavering commitment to excellence. With every project he undertakes, Ionut pours his heart and soul into his work, ensuring that each garden room he constructs is not only functional but also a testament to his artistry.


Ionut's journey from humble beginnings to becoming the founder of Crown Rooms is a testament to the transformative power of hard work, resilience, and a burning passion for what one does. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and craftsmen alike, demonstrating that with determination and dedication, dreams can indeed be turned into reality.


Ionut Mocanu


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